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Angular is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly. Angular's data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. And it all happens within the browser.

Files Structure

Angular source code can be found in [root]/dist/angular/[demo_id]/.
Below is the list of demo file structure in Angular app.
Path Description
distThe final build of Angular
node_modulesThe package.json file in the app root defines what libraries will be installed into node_modules/ when you run npm install.
srcYour app lives in the src folder. All Angular components, templates, styles, images, and anything else your app needs go here. Any files outside of this folder are meant to support building your app.
appMain app folder
configContains the main config for the theme
contentThe sample pages.
coreThe core of theme layout
fake-apiSample dummy data for backend API simulation.
app.component.htmlMain app template.
app.component.tsMain app typescript.
app.module.tsMain app module. The place where to import and declare required components.
app-routing.module.tsBase routing for the app.
assetsThis folder will contain all the assets needed for the Angular app that are not related to Angular code.
environmentsThis folder contains one file for each of destination environments, each exporting simple configuration variables to use in application environment config
environment.tsDevelopment environment config
index.htmlThe index.html lives at the root of front-end structure. The index.html file will primarily handle loading in all the libraries and Angular elements.
main.tsThe main entry point for your app.
polyfills.tsAngular is built on the latest standards of the web platform. A particular browser may require at least one polyfill to run any Angular application. You may need additional polyfills for specific features.
IE9, IE10 and IE11 requires to enable polyfills. Read more
styles.scssGlobal styles go here which styles that affect all of your app need to be in a central place.
typings.d.tsTypeScript adds static typing to JavaScript.
.angular-cli.jsonAngular CLI loads its configuration from .angular-cli.json
angular.jsonConfiguration for Angular CLI. In this file you can set several defaults and also configure what files are included when your project is built. Check out the official documentation if you want to know more.
package.jsonA package.json file contains meta data about app or module. Most importantly, it includes the list of dependencies to install from npm when running npm install.
tsconfig.jsontsconfig.json file in a directory indicates that the directory is the root of a TypeScript project. The tsconfig.json file specifies the root files and the compiler options required to compile the project.
tslint.jsonLinting configuration for TSLint together with Codelyzer, used when running ng lint. Linting helps keep your code style consistent.
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Angular 6支持

企业级Angular 6集成了内置的身份验证模块等等

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